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Scrapbook RETREAT! What to pack?

So you’re going to a scrapbook retreat! How exciting!

You are in for a GREAT time with your girlfriends and you will have the opportunity to complete several pages.  I’ve had the good fortune of going on a few retreats with my scrapping buddies and I have found that having a packing list is uber handy. I’ve been using packing lists for regular trips for years and I find having such a list greatly reduces my worrying both during the packing process and thereafter – you know once I’ve left the sanctity of my house and I better hope I have everything I need!

I’m sure there are a few people out there who could use my list so I slapped it on my site for anyone who wants to use it. You just download it and print it out and then go to town packing away – how simple is that?

Now my list is quite extensive as I have the tendency to overdo it sometimes… I’ve been told.  Therefore, here are some justifications for some of the items I included:

First of all the tool caddy- this houses your most basic of basic tools. This is something you can leave packed at all times so you can easily attend a class at your local scrapbook shop or pop on over to a friend’s house to get some scrapping done. The items kept in mine are as follows:  Paper trimmer, Straight edge scissors, Decorative edge scissors, Non-stick scissors, Journaling pens (Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Green, White, Metallics), Permanent marker (for marking any new tools you buy), Pencil & Eraser, Adhesives (Glue stick, Glue pens, Tape runner, Glue dots, Foam dots, Glossy Accents, Vellum adhesive), Ink Pads ( black & brown), Rulers (clear acrylic & metal), Distressing tool, Straight pin (unclog bottles), Tweezers, Sticker remover tool (I prefer the creative memories multitool),  Circle punches (1” & 1.5”), Scalloped circle punch, Border punch, Corner rounder, Sticky notes (sometimes I make notes and stick them on the backs of photos if I think of a great title or layout idea), Extra trimmer blades, Embossing trimmer blade, x-acto knife, Bone folder, Wooden craft sticks, Xyron 1.5″ sticker maker, Sticker maker refill, Nail file (seems like I always knick a nail somehow), Hand Lotion (working with paper dries my hands out), Lip Balm (so I don’t have to be digging in my purse all the time), Baby Wipes, Hair elastic or clip, Chewing gum or mints (while I love to indulge in the candy and chocolate that nearly always accompanies cropping – I find these helpful in controlling how much I consume).

Driving directions and event tickets – If you are driving to a place you’ve never been, then at least save the address in your phone so you can use a navigation app to help you get there. I still like to print out directions just in case. Plus if you’re attending an expo, convention or other ticket-related event then you’ll need those tickets or your confirmation number to pick them up when you arrive.

What will the retreat location provide? Locations differ in what they provide for scrapbookers, so do your research and decide what you need in the way of setting up your space. I’ve been known to pack a few things that never make it out of the car, but I am comforted knowing I have them if I need them (or one of my friends needs something).You might want to consider purchasing a small folding table (again, just in case).  Other things in this category include light (love my Ott lite!), extension cord(s), drink cup with lid (like travel coffee mug) or cup holder that mounts to edge of table (I’m excited to see that some locations are providing these!), trash bag (I’ve discovered it’s easy to just tuck a plastic grocery bag down in my case somewhere). Some locations even provide a cutting machine like the Cricut set up in a workshop area for your use including many cartridges, computers are sometimes available for checking your e-mail or even printing photos but don’t count on these. Some locations offer a library of movies on DVD to watch in a lounge/living room area away from the crop room. I like to have one playing on my personal laptop sometimes though especially if it’s late at night and most everyone else has gone to bed. Some locations provide a stock of punches for you to utilize too which can be nice since some of the older ones that we all have are so heavy and bulky. Die cutting systems may be available along with an assortment of dies, embossing heat guns and of course the ever important library of idea books and magazines.

Think about your comfort. You’ll have a chair but you might want your own chair cushion (you never know just how comfortable their chairs will be), You don’t know what the temperature will be like so consider this and toss in a sweater and small fan (I use a hand fan, but I’ve seen some nice, compact, battery-operated fans used by some of my friends), lap blanket (or do what I do and just put your fleece jacket on your lap), slippers, pajama pants.

Technical equipment is just part of life these days. You might want to completely unplug during your retreat or you might want to take advantage of the time you have for yourself (away from family obligations) to really indulge in being “plugged” in. If you’re a digital scrapbooker, then you probably wouldn’t dream of unplugging. I’m like that – wouldn’t dream of it! Under this heading would go your personal cutting machine like the cricut, cartridges to go with it, a laptop computer, power cords, portable photo printer, your favorite DVDs you wish to watch, a digital music player like an iPod or mp3 player and even small speakers to listen as opposed to having earphones.

Scrapbooking tools and paper. After I’ve listed everything else it seems like I list the tools and paper last but it really is important to have yourself set up to be successful during your retreat. That way you will enjoy your time more and probably complete more pages that way. Under this heading includes any kits you have accumulated to assemble, project sleeves to keep pages in (both before they’re completed and after), photos you want to scrapbook (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been diligently packing and then I come upon a stack of photos and think – oh yeah - the photos!), extra journaling pen (I carry one so I won’t have to purchase it at the crop), paper trimmers (if you like to work with more than one trimmer), self-healing cutting mat, non-stick craft sheet, punches, small hole punch and brad setter (I use the cropadile), sticker makers, extra adhesive (no matter how much you packed then you might as well through in another one because you’re going to need it!), papers that fit the themes you want to scrapbook, plain cardstock both in colors to match your theme papers and some basic colors (even if it’s just black, white and craft), plain chipboard, embellishments to fit the themes or colors you’ll be working with (stickers, alphabets, flowers, brads, eyelets, quotes, die cuts, ribbons, buttons, chalks or inks, rhinestones, glitter), stamps and stamping blocks if you plan to use them and of course stamp cleaners and painter’s tape for masking stamps and ink pads, blending or brush markers, embossing powders, embossing heat tool, ribbon iron and page protectors for finished pages.

Ideas, ideas, ideas! You’ve heard of “location, location, location?” Well in scrapbooking I find that ideas are the cornerstone of great inspiration, discussion and just plain old getting you out of a creative rut. So pack in some of your favorite idea books, sketches and magazines to leaf through if you need it.

So there you have it. See what I mean that I can overdo it? *smile* It’s important to consider what you’ll be working on and do your research about the location so you can pack efficiently and completely so that you can achieve a fun time and get as many pages completed as possible.

Most importantly – remember to have fun! That’s what it’s all about anyway – scrapbooking retreats are for you!


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